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The sky darkens, and that distant noise of thunder fills you with dread. However, it is not because you are afraid of storms. No, you know what is coming with that rain. Your house, your business or your church has a leaky roof. You need a roofing contractor with experience and expertise, one that performs superior work with attention to the smallest detail. We are Geiser Enterprise in Mifflinburg, PA, and we bring those qualities to every project — big or small. Why wait any longer?

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Our team at Geiser Enterprise specializes in roofing. Whatever your roofing need is, we can handle it, efficiently and professionally. We can construct roofs on new builds. We can put a new roof on your home. We can repair your existing roof. And we do it all with courteous, quality, dependable work and sharp attention to every detail. We offer the option for either shingles or metal roofing. 

Not Just Your Run-Of-The-Mill Roofing Team!

Our team sets itself apart as roofing contractors with our dedication to top-notch work — work in which you can firmly place your confidence. We bring decades of combined experience to your roofing project, and we deliver the same superior service to our small projects, as well as our big jobs. You will be very pleased with our roofing work. 

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Why deal with a leaky roof any longer? Geiser Enterprise is your choice in Central Pennsylvania for reliable roofing contractor services.
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